This car was parked across the street. It's some kinda Lexus, probably $70K. And it looks just like an R Crumb car! I can't believe it! Didn't a design supervisor somewhere up the chain say, "Um...guys...don't you think this looks kind of like an R Crumb car?" By the time it gets in production, it's already too late. Yr average investment banker is going to say, "Hm, $70,000--must be a great-looking car!" Wouldn't it be cool, though, if the Lexus design team were a bunch of bitter, cynical pranksters? "yeah, sure, guys, I like the rocker panels stuffed with human feces, but what if--what if--we designed a car that looked just like an R Crumb car? And get this--we make it our most expensive model!! It'll be like making those moron investment bankers wear Larry Fine hairdos!" That would be pretty cool.