Like I tole you guys earlier, I broke my damn glasses this morning, and my back-up pair leaves something to be desired. I drew a big "X" on the left lens last year, going for a laugh or something. It's like the judges keep telling me, it's not worth it to cause all sorts of mayhem for a transitory laugh. Especially when there's no guarantee that said laugh will be forthcoming. In this particular case, I don't think there was a laugh. Just a sad slow shake of the head. Which is just as good, in my book. At any rate, if I had known that I'd be wearing these glasses a year later, I might have behaved differently. Might have. The whole business wouldn't have been so bad, except the right lens was missing entirely. I felt like I was sitting about a foot in front of myself. So I spent the whole day just sitting there in a dazed stupor. Fortunately, it didn't affect my productivity one way or the other.