Of the various things I could be doing with my hands during a meeting, sketching is one of the least objectionable. Having witnessed some of my other options, my co-workers seem resigned to this. Anyway, just because I'm sketching doesn't mean I'm not paying attention. It doesn't mean I am paying attention, but it doesn't mean I'm not. I've honed to perfection the technique of staring into the eyes of whoever's speaking and nodding sagely from time to time while daydreaming about painting my ass with Karo syrup and going to the zoo. No, I've never really daydreamed about that. I just wanted to seem like a more interesting person. I'm more likely to be daydreaming about lining up my Schlotsky's receipts in a neat little pile. And then putting a quarter on the pile to keep it from getting messed up. Let's see, heads up or tails up? I think heads up. See, that's the kind of thing I daydream about, and it doesn't add any spice whatsoever to the Sparky cachet. That's why I don't broadcast such things to the whole damn world. Just you guys on the internet.