cornerbucks1.jpg When I was a kid there was a Sunday afternoon show on TV called "Industry on Parade." And we'd dully watch the grainy black-and-white footage of soda bottles running down conveyor belts, because that's all that was on Sunday afternoons. It was the great kids' wasteland. There was also a show about the Korean War, and there was bowling. And that was about it, until Ed Sullivan came on. Sunday morning there was Winky Dink, where you could put a plastic screen on the TV and draw a bridge across the chasm for Winky Dink to run to safety, but there was church, too, so I don't remember that we got to watch Winky Dink all that much. The funny thing is now I find myself watching the equivalent to Industry on Parade, those shows on the Discovery Channel about Engineering Marvels or The Most Dangerous Job or whatnot. And a lot of other men my age seem to gravitate toward them too. "Did you see that one where the ship that carried the world's largest crane had to submerge a little bit so they could just roll the crane right onto the dock? Whoo-ee!" Men of a certain age like to watch shows that explain how the heck some other men did something really difficult. And women tend to watch shows that tell them how to put up with such jugheads.