We haven't all turned into urban-renewal hustlers yet. Don't get me wrong, great and necessary things have happened here. But too many of these people think the agenda shouldn't be balance, it should be eradication. Their gaze falls on a lovely old jute warehouse and they think CONDO! I'm talkin about the people who wonder why the Union Mission has to be such a spoilsport. Read the interview with Rick Salzberg in this week's Port Folio if you won't listen to me. Come on, guys, we're already surrounded by huge continents of affluent sterility, known as Virginia Beach and Chesterpeake. Do we really need more of the same? You know, I really don't like being in this position. Being curmudgeonly AND white-haired puts me in the category of Senile Old Goat. Then I'll have to dye my hair black and that'll put me in a whole nother category indeed. We don't want that, do we? Do we?