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Madame Babushka's use of the term wabi-sabi had me scurrying to wikipedia to WOOPS scratch that command-z men don't scurry

Madame Babushka's use of the term wabi-sabi had me slowly rising from the carcass of the recently-killed gazelle, blood and gore dripping from my fangs, and sauntering to my computer with a manly air of disdain, casually crushing under my boots the lesser beings who get in my way, and punching out the address for wikipedia with a forcefulness that sent keys flying into the air.There, that's better.

Wabi-sabi! What a perfect (not that perfection exists) term for some of the threads yanking at my brain lately! How serendipitous is this. Ah, crap! Serendipitous? The manly man inside me just throws up his hands and walks away in a huff. No, wait, he scurries away! Hear that, manly man? You SCURRY away! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Who needs you, manly man?! Not me! Although please understand, you bystanders, I am not an older gay guy in San Francisco! I swear I'm not! Okay, focus, Sparky.

So! If you don't know what wabi-sabi is, I suggest you look it up. Like all terms native to another culture, it's impossible to articulate precisely, but if you're at the right place, it just resonates like crazy. And it leads you down other digital paths, which is the great overriding value of the internet--it's so rich with stuff that you can just wander or plough your way through or scurry and you'll come out the other side with something new to think about. Like in the midst of all this wabi sabi stuff I came across the newly-minted term "backronym", where a short name for something takes on an acronymic meaning after the fact. Like "GI" didn't really come from "government issue" at all, that bit of mythology came later. And here's a backwards backronym for FORD: "Driver Returned On Foot". That cracks me up.

So to tie things up in a cohesive if messy package, thank you, Madame. Learning new and fascinating stuff regardless of your age is one of the things that separate people I like from Dead Men Walking, or as Corky St. Clair would put it, the "Bastard People". So there's my commentary on this picture of a naked lady, I hope it explains things.