"NoBra" is the term I created for those two little blocks of Granby Street North of Brambleton, get it? You know, like SoHo or Tribeca or Dumbo or NoLita? Or, for God's sake, SoNo? Hint: never let a city government pick a hip sobriquet for a neighborhood--especially if the city is Chesterpeake!! For all those bozos know, a sobriquet is what you toss on the grill after mowing the lawn according to strict neighborhood vigilante-council guidelines, which, except for going to McChurch on Sunday, is the most important activity a human being can participate in during his or her brief sojourn on this mortal coil. Human being being defined as a white middle-to-upper Republican golf nut and his charming wife Bitsy who have just heard about the new menu at Appleby's, so sex will have to wait. Do I sound a teensy bit bitter? IT'S JUSTIFIED, PEOPLE! So just back off.

Actually, the only reason I posted this was so I could announce that there are several new items in Wally-mart, but I guess I kinda blasted your sunny generous shopping moods all to hell just now, didn't I? Oh man, what a loser I am... oh God, what am I doing here, I have no right to bother these fine people... (is this working?)

Oh, this is important: I ran into a friend of mine yesterday who told me my recent posts were scaring her. Please believe me, everybody, I'm fine, never been better, actually, and am only partly Sparky. No worries, really, okay?