See, I said I was going to step out and draw, and I did. Well, I said "smoke", but I don't smoke. You see, I'm a doer .
Some people spend their whole lives fussing and debating and quibbling, but I'm one of those people who goes out and gets things done. Yessiree bob! My spell checker thinks I spelled "yessiree" wrong, but fuck him, you know? There's no right way to spell "yessiree", for crying out loud. Speaking of crying out loud, it's an invigorating thing to do every once in a while. Not little simpering sobs, either, but great gouts of bawling. You can even use the words "Boo hoo hoo", that seems to get the attention of others. It's almost as cathartic as great loud public laughter too. But "public" is the key concept here. Crying in private--that's just pathetic.