Not everything you overhear is worth repeating. I repeat it anyway. Who am I to mediate, to censor, to arbitrarily decide what you, the viewing audience, get to experience? If it were practical, I would have procured a time machine (and you don't want to know how hard that is--believe me, it's no picnic), rented a bus, and rounded all of you up and taken you to the theater lobby to witness this exchange first hand. That would have sufficed. But until that's possible (and it's still a few years off) you'll have to settle for drawings. Thing is, the people involved might not have even looked like this. The one girl might not have used the name "Campbell". You just don't know. You have to depend on me, and I'm notoriously undependable. Heck, I could have made up the whole thing, and you'd be none the wiser. It's a sad situation, no doubt. I sympathize with your plight.