While I stand by my bitter rants about the season, there's another truth too: these are not demons I'm drawing, they're people. We're all caught up in imperfection; we're altruistic and selfish at the same time, and the task of separating the two impulses is no more possible than it is useful. I do believe that the populace of the good ole USA is lost in a fever dream of headlong stumbling consumption, and I believe the rest of the world is paying for it in various ways, and I also believe that our staggering heedless gluttony has aroused the murderous wrath of a far-away culture that needed little in the way of arousal, and that we are just beginning to pay the price for that. And I believe that the gaggle of chuckleheads we appointed to lead us are even more clueless than the rest of us, and have managed to speed up the karmic cycle instead of reversing it. That said, I don't have any answers, and I haven't heard any from anyone else. Certainly not from the other group of chuckleheads waiting at the gates to rush in and put their own stamp of ineptitude on the whole reeking mess.

Oopsy daisy. The point of this was not to continue with the vein-popping rant, but something else...something more forgiving and dripping with lovingkindness and shit. Hm, I forget what it was. Oh well, Merry Christmas, everybody!