Okay, this is my newest resolution: I'm going to do more posts recommending other sites. After all, the world doesn't revolve around me. It should, but it doesn't. And resolutions are good character-builders, they tell me. Fortunately, there's only five days left in the year, so any resolutions become null and void, right? That's how they work, isn't it? Anyway (or Anyways, as some of my idiot friends put it (or Anyhoo, as nobody I currently know puts it, thank God (and I should probably amend that phrase in the first parenthetical thought to "idiot ex-friends", since few people enjoy being called "idiot friends", but hey, I'm one who has never flinched from calling the kettle black,))) this comic strip is reprinted from The Comics Curmudgeon , who delights in poking fun at daily comic strips. His comment on this example: "Least effective pick-up line ever: 'I’m a docent!'"