model mark 1.jpg

Oh yeah, some guy got mugged outside our front door, but that's not the tragedy: our model didn't show up! And at 7:00:30, Mr. Mintle was already down to his skivvies. And while everybody else ran out to help the guy screaming in the street, Mike Bell and I got in some good drawing.

model mark 2.jpg

Mike's point was, if the guy is screaming hysterically, then the worst must be over and he's just freaking out. It's not going to help anything for all of us to run out screaming too. We judiciously decided we'd give the guy his space.

model mark 4.jpg

Plus, we couldn't just leave Mr. Mintle crouching naked on a sheet holding a pool cue. I mean, how cruel would that be?

model mark 5.jpg

So on the off chance you want to see any of these larger, you have to click this little dohickey: