So this guy I know has taken to saying "it is what it is" all the time, and, true to form, I'm gettin PISSED, BABY! Because it's being used as a kind of Get Out Of Jail Free card--there's no comeback to it. Especially when you're complaining about something, or demanding that something get fixed."Hey, it is what it is" delivered with a shrug, is a conversation-stopper. You can't exactly retort, "No, it isn't! It isn't what it is! It's something entirely different than what it is!" Now you're in Samuel Beckett territory, and who wants to go there?

So anyways, on a lighter note, I got these cool new Painter brushes from a friend, and I spent my lunch hour and maybe a teensy bit longer playing with them. Boy, do I love playing. When humans are playing, they're performing their most noble function. Not that there's anything noble about the above doodling. It's just a testing ground, not a work of art. It is what it is.