I didn't just say that to get you to say, "Oh,no, Sparky, he's not better than you, you're the best there is!" Because even though I'm consumed with envy and pray every night that he gets his hand mangled in a farm implement accident along with my nightly prayer for a $1,000,000 dollars (and I pray thus safely because even though I have prayed for a $1,000,000 nightly ever since I was six, it has never been vouchsafed to me, so the chances of Mr. Janus getting his hand mangled in a farm implement accident is pretty remote--in fact, I'm probably protecting him from such a calamity by the mere fact that I'm praying for it, and my God is a spiteful God and wouldn't grant my prayer if His life depended on it,) my assessment is purely objective, and he has yet to post a single thing that I don't think is brilliant. So please go visit his site right now, by clicking this little box: And then, of course, come back. Even if it's because you feel sorry for me. That works for me too.