streetcorner.jpg I'm posting this because it's probably the only new thing I'm going to have today. Every so often I try a real watercolor, just to remind myself how hard it is to do well. The main reason this is a lackluster effort is my impatience. Too impatient for watercolor! When I had to paint in oils in college, it was like 2 hours a day of hell. I completed one painting in two months, and after 3 days I was sick of it. Anyway, this watercolor suffers from my rushing the composition and the drawing (the perspective of the round base elements of the lamp post sucks) so I could get to the painting part. And then rushing the color mixing. I don't know whether developing a facility at quick sketches has impaired my ability to do long-form work, but it doesn't matter all that much, because I'm not going to change at this stage. But as I have said before, it's interesting to discover where my limits are. It increases my appreciation of those who are so good at the things that are beyond me. Like Amanda, Laura, Chuck, and Katherine, just to rattle off a few watercolor pros. And makes me more content to go back to butts at Starbucks.