square33.jpg This fountain stands in the back yard of my current pet-sitting clients. I have a terrible sinus headache this morning (it's drizzly outside.) Long plugs of mucus depart from my sinuses like purulent trains leaving the station, heading down my esophagus, creating a vacuum in my skull that pulls my eyeballs inward and plays havoc with those three odd little bones in the inner ear that we all learned about in school. Don't worry, this isn't going to turn out to be about boogers again. Just about mucus. It gathers in a ball in my stomach, which tries to deal with it. but it's like making Taffy From Hell. What good is it doing down there? Of what use is all this mucus? It's not catching dust and flies and stuff in my nose and then expelling them into the atmosphere, which I understand is the purpose of mucus. It's sitting in a ball in my stomach doing nothing but making me queasy. And they call this intelligent design! I think they should call it Incompetent Design. Then let's see how many school boards in Kansas get behind it. And it's not being blasphemous, either. I mean, I'm sure God Himself didn't attend to every single detail. He doesn't sound like a micro-manager to me. He probably turned the mucus project over to the Bodily Fluids division, and they just made some extra stuff happen involving mucus so they could justify their jobs and not get laid off. That's what I think probably happened.