square 35.jpg Once a week I treat myself to lunch at a downtown sushi place (treat because it's not cheap.) It has nice zen-like decor, and the manipulation of chopsticks requires a mindfulness that dovetails nicely with meditation practices. If I'm alone, I almost always eat with my nose in a book, but I put it down for sushi. My friend Wally has blogged about mindful eating before, but to recap, it involves not only paying attention to the food vs. distractions, but being aware of where the food came from, the huge number of living beings that contributed to its appearance on your plate. When you expand your awareness from cooks and farmers to whoever designed the little green plastic fences that separate items in a sushi box, and then to that person's great aunt, who introduced her parents, thus causing her to be born, you can see how the net extends to everyone--the whole universe has conspired to place this particular piece of raw fish in your mouth. There was a time when this would have seemed like vague, flaky, new age bullshit to me. But with just the slightest skew to my viewpoint, it seems like the most down-to-earth, practical truth there is. As usual, this has nothing to do with the posted picture, which is about surgery. Who wants to talk about surgery? I guess it was top of mind because a dear friend of mine had surgery a few weeks ago, but she seems to be none the worse for it, so I'm happy.