radiator.jpg This is a typical Ghent bathroom fixture--radiator with several coats of white paint, so many that there are no more edges, just rounded shapes. Ceramic tile walls and floor, old-fashioned faucets. There's always one thing that doesn't work, an outlet maybe, or This isn't interesting. Sorry. I'm not on my game today. I didn't bring my game face. I'm not taking it to the hole. I'm stalling in the red zone. I need to step up to the plate. I wish I were a really good guitar player. Not necessarily as good as Richard Thompson, but good enough that I wouldn't start crying if he walked into the room. I have to find a sound effect of a fish blowing bubbles. Really. I'm wandering, aren't I? Maybe another hit of the Windex will focus me. Windex in a bong is a great idea. Leaves the bong sparkling clean. But you kids shouldn't do drugs. That would be wrong. Maybe I'll redraw the game so it has automatic weapons fire instead of a fish blowing bubbles. That would be a lot easier to find.