square 29.jpg No, no, it doesn't mean anything, take your thinking cap back off. Put it back into the thinking-cap box on the shelf in the hall closet. Remember when Dads used to wear hats whenever they went out? I mean fedoras, like on the original Superman starring George Reeves.And these big old hats would always fly off whenever they were fighting or running. I don't mean my Dad, he didn't used to fight a lot or run away from Superman a lot, though it wouldn't have done him a lot of good, because Superman would catch up to him and wrap a steel girder around his chest. And our Dads, after the fedora went out of style, would still have a winter one that looked just like a real one only it was thick and furry. Which I thought was kind of odd, because he didn't wear a thick furry suit in the winter, or a thick furry tie, or a thick furry shirt, or a thick furry cummerbund, which that girl I told you about a couple of posts ago, the one who said "libary", would have called a "cumberbund". And even after I would have told her the right pronunciation, she would have kept on saying "cumberbund". Jeez.