nauticus.psd So I had made it down to the waterfront, whether by strolling, sauntering or shuffling. And I had never set foot in Nauticus, our maritime museum. Or, as those brave souls on the bleeding edge of our living language would have it, "stepped foot in." Mainly because they were charging $10 to see stuff that was free right outside their door. But right there in the lobby were plenty of strange brass things to draw, without paying a cent! Like the binnacle! I don't have the faintest idea what a binnacle is, but it sure sounds nautical. If Martians landed out in the parking lot and made their way in here, they would say something like, "a binnacle? Hmm, sounds nautical!" After translation, of course. Plus, they would be captivated by the looks of this binnacle. Kind of like Jules Verne's early prototype for C3PO. So anyway, free drawing! And those fools were none the wiser! Not the Martians, there weren't really any Martians, I just put them there to illustrate a point. I mean the Nauticus people, whom I stiffed for ten bucks. Stickin' it to The Man!