plumest.jpg The decrepitude is in the hand, not the street. For sure, Plume Street is all mangled up and gouged with construction poop, but it's not skid row or anything. There really was a Skid Row, in Seattle or Portland. I wonder if Portland cement comes from Portland. Are there other kinds of cement? My Dad would know. I wonder if a construction guy would say, "Why, this is Des Moines cement, this isn't Portland cement!" Probably not. Another thing a construction guy wouldn't say is "waiter, these baby field greens are just a teensy bit past their prime." My meds are just not working as they should. Some little adjustment, some recalibration is needed. Just a little tweak here and there. Just take a little off the top, please. A mere soup├žon of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and I'll be as good as new. Better. Better than new. Men will respect me, women will love me. This one will do the trick, I'm sure of it. Where's everybody going?