saltine.jpg Sure it's a long shot. I know that. But unless you have a dream, you'll never reach for the stars, or something like that. And yes, I know it should be "were" instead of "was", but when in Rome, etc. You want to know the truth? As I was drawing this, I realized that I hadn't left enough room at the top to put the soldier in (he's holding a big flag), but the saltine that was sitting in front of me would make a perfect fit. See, necessity really is the mother of invention. Okay, enough of that. The thing is, I've got a whole string of zero comments today, and I'm panicking, throwing up air balls. I hate zeros. It's as if the entire internet community is saying, "this is of no interest to me." Millions upon millions of people are turning their noses up at my sketches and watching videos of second-rate Hollywood hangers-on having intercourse with each other. Oh, the humanity!

I'm okay now. That was just a passing electrical storm in my brain pan. I'm fine. Really. Bring on the zeroes! I can handle them.