toyota.tent.tree.jpg The wittle twees are all bursting out in buds. The fools! They have no idea what's in store for them come October. A little frost'll wipe that smile off their stupid faces. Spring....bah, humbug!

Just kidding. I really love the Springtime. I love all seasons, and all people. I see only the good in people, and trees. My cup is half full, not half empty. Everybody else has a goddam full cup, but I'm happy with my half-full cup. I appreciate every wonderful drop of whatever's in that cup, even though everybody else has twice as much. I don't feel cheated in the least. Let them drink their full cups. there's twice as much chance they'll choke on it, and wouldn't that be a pity? I'd hate to see them choking on their full cups, falling to the ground gasping as their face turns red, then a ghastly white as the life force drains out of them and flies begin to land on their soon-to-be-rotting corpses. I'm going to stop right now and say a little prayer for all those poor people.