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What a badly-written load of crap 'The Da Vinci Code" is! I have nothing against loads of crap, they can lots of fun, but reading bad writing is like being forced to sit through a Scooby Doo marathon. An easy target, I know, but this guy is making a brazilian dollars off this stuff. Why doesn't he invest some of it in a writing coach, or at the very least, a research assistant? Here's an example: he ascribes a fascination with goddess myths to Walt Disney, of all people, and then cites The Little Mermaid, which was made years after he died! As long as I've tumbled off my zen pedestal, I'm also irked that downtown Norfolk has been hogtied by an infestation of wiry little geeks in spandex and ridiculous little outer-space helmets forcing us to be reluctant witnesses to them riding their expensive little bicycles around and around our streets like lunatic hamsters. It's a free country and all, but why can't they do their exercises in a deserted warehouse somewhere instead of in front of us earthlings? After all, I don't do squat-jumps in front of the general public, but I promise that would be a spectacle you'd never forget.