mall.jpg What a day! I've got a blinkin blankin abscessed tooth! And doctors won't call anything in to the drugstore anymore! And it's such a hugely busy week I can't afford to lose a half day of work to go to the doctor! Don't you feel sorry for me? If we had the technology I'd have 'em all pulled and replaced with tentacles. Man, that would freak out the squares! That's hippie talk, for all you punks who respond to a call for photos from 1982 with baby pix! Jeez, rub it in, why don't you? Anyway, that lady at the mall really did say that about radishes. I appreciated being able to hear that. And the fat lady with the kids--she had two more, out of the picture. But I'll bet she's a really good Mom, and that towers over her body type. Don't judge. Do realize what a different world this would be if none of us judged others? Be a field day for the freakin criminals, that's what!! Yin and yang, that's me.