starbuffo.jpg I have taken upon myself the task of documenting the magnificent but futile march of humanity through the portals of Starbucks. Mankind in all its tawdry glory, the sacred and the profane, the red and the blue, the junior executive and the scum of the earth. All for you, dear reader. Or looker. And I ask for nothing in return, except for your undying adulation. It's embarrassing, but I know you all worship me as some kind of God come down to walk amongst you lot (I got that from Vitriolica, "you lot", it neatly sums up my attitude towards other people.) --hold on, that wasn't me talking, it was the meds! I swear! I'm doping myself up to combat a toothache; otherwise I would never go on like that. I don't think of myself as a God. That's for others to decide.