Man, I need to get out more. I'm just drawing the same old stuff over and over again. If I ran away with the circus, I'd get some new subject matter. Or if I got myself arrested. Except they'd probably take away my sketchbook cause I might find a way to kill myself with it. And even if they didn't, when some prisoner came up to me and said, "Say, isn't that one a them mole-skins?" and I'd say, "no,no-- mo-le-SKEEN-a", he would beat me to a pulp. And then I'd have to be his bitch. So, let's cross that one out. If I could get myself elected mayor, then I could go on junkets. That would open up vistas of sketchable topics. And if I lost the election, I could sketch self-portraits of me feeling sorry for myself. That sounds like a plan.