commplace.jpg No, non-Norfolkians, this is not a place where they show commercials around the clock, on a big sheet strung between light poles. That would be kind of dumb, if you thought about it. No, this was evidently a big business district back in the 1500's, back when computers ran on burning dung. Hey, I can't afford a fact-checker, okay? Plus Dr. Research is vacationing in Montenegro, so I'm factually adrift. But if it's good enough for W, it's good enough for me. See, I can be politically hard-hitting too. I'm not just a head-in-the-sand grasshopper hedonist. Although I'd say it's about 89% - 11% that way. Or may be 93-7. Dr. Research could have given me the exact figures. But up around 90, that's a good place to be. Because politics is such a delusionary way to spend your time. It's all predicated on thinking you have the right answer. And you don't. I promise you. To believe you do is to strut around with a giant hubristic erection. Nobody believes in humility any more, despite the overwhelming evidence that great gobs of it are called for. Politics is also predicated on a bad guys vs. good guys, black-and-white world view, which is ruinous to the public discourse, and contrary to what our own hearts tell us. Man, how'd I get started on this? I was just commenting on this modest little early-morning sketch of sunlight in the park and was led astray by my self-indulgent, simpering, all-too-human brain. A thousand humble apologies.