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You know, models have feelings too. And Mikes's are going to be very bruised if we continue to see ZERO COMMENTS on his pictures. To say nothing of the artist. You know, I put everything I've got into these sketches. Yesterday I had to sell my pants so I could buy a couple of 8B pencils. And do I see a single iota of gratitude? There's a word you only see expressed as a negative--iota. You don't have an iota of good sense, that kind of thing. What if someone DID have an iota of something. What would it look like? Could it be seen by the naked eye? Aren't all eyes naked? How come no one is said to detect an aroma with their naked nose? Do you know how smell works? Actual molecules of the substance being smelled become lodged in receptors inside the nose. You think about that next time somebody cuts the cheese.