What am I saying? All meetings are from Hell. People who hold meetings are by definition people I don't want to spend time with. If you were some kind of mad genetic scientist obsessed with purifying society, just call a big meeting and then drop a bomb on it. Problem solved. Posturing. That's one problem. If you could strip out the posturing from any given meeting, it would be five minutes long, tops. 90% of anything meeting people say is calculated to make them look good. And what terrible calculators they are! The things they say don't make them look good. They look like babbling chimps. They're not making a good impression on me, that's for sure. One'll turn to me and say, "Point being, convergence is already here. You see what I'm saying, Sparky?" And I wish with all my heart I could say, "You sound like a babbling chimp." But no, I nod sagely and say, "Yes. Yes, I do, Bob."