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This here is Eric. I hesitate to mention this next thing, but only for a second or two, because that's my job, to mention things like this next thing I'm going to mention. And I believe that's what you, the sketchblogging audience, have come to expect of me. I mention things that other people, more delicate people, would avoid mentioning. And if I didn't mention these things, how would you find them out? Oh, that's right, this is the internet. I forgot. Okay, so anyway, here comes what I'm going to mention. So if you'd rather not hear this kind of thing, maybe you should surf to another site. Maybe one with unicorns. So here goes: Eric has a ring in his thing. Eric! If you poke holes in a garden hose, what happens to it? That's right, it becomes a sprinkler! Do you really want a sprinkler, Eric? You know, people think it's a piece of cake, being a figure drawer. But I'm here to tell you, it's no such thing. It's not all glamour, not by a long shot. There's a dark side. I'm sorry to disillusion you kids out there who have their hearts set on becoming figure drawers when they grow up. But it's just as well you heard the truth now. And I haven't even touched the subject of steroids yet!