self-p poster.jpg

Here they are all together--think of all the worldwide man-hours lost to this pursuit! It warms my heart. Why, we could bring the mighty engine of global industry to a halt! We could have the entire world holding up mirrors, recording their images, sending them in to Crack Skull Bob! Empires would crumble! Mobs would riot in the streets (but only for a few minutes--they would rush back to their sketchbooks to record what they looked like on the ramparts)! A new age would emerge, one in which there was no war, no hunger, no cell phones, only peace and love and Snickers for everyone! And at the head, leading the throngs, carried aloft by his worshipful minions: Crack Skull Bob, Grand Imperator of the Known World!

Um...did I write all that down? I thought I was just typing to myself. Heh. I was just kidding. Yeah! It was a big joke! Had you guys going, didn't I? I wouldn't really entertain thoughts of taking over the world. No. That would be crazy. The words of a feebleminded person. Uh oh.

By the way, if you don't see one of your pix, it probably came in after I got past your name on the poster--I started this on Friday. Hi-res version here.