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It's like riding a bull, like I would know what that's like. Wow, three "like"s in one sentence. Okay, it's not Guinness Book of World Records material, but you take your little victories where you find them. Back to watercolor, though. I don't do it enough to feel in control of it, but it's fun to see what in the world is going to happen. I think what appeals to me is drawing that turns into painting and back into drawing. That and all the accidental stuff. Another thing that appeals to me is that I'm my own publisher, my own little Abrams or Rizzoli, and I can put up any damn thing I want to, and Attention Must Be Paid. You know, this great democratizer has a downside to it. There's a whole lot of crap out there in virtual land, whole continents of it. And the notion of a critical eye, of choosing the best, is being engulfed by sheer numbers. I suppose it's kind of pointless to call it a bad or good thing, since it's what's happening, whether we want it to or not. Is continental drift a good thing? Well, actually, it would be kind of a good thing for me, being on the East Coast and all, because after a while, I'd be able to take a bus to Portugal. Except continental drift is going in the opposite direction, isn't it? So it's probably not going to affect me at all. Well, that sucks.