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Been under the weather for a couple of days, so am posting a self-p I had earlier rejected, just to keep the ball rolling. This one turned out too close stylistically to the work of an illustrator whose name escapes me at the moment. But you gotta do what you gotta do, a statement which belongs to the same tautological school of utterance as "I gotta be me," Which like who else are you gonna be, Larry Chin? The latter is an in-joke reference to an obscure little guy who worked at my agency years ago, whom graduates of said agency use to represent a lost memory not worth drudging up. we were talking just this morning--or last night? I don't know, medication haze--about how all jokes are in essence in-jokes, meaning raising one above the level of those who don't "get" them. Which explains why so many of us are annoyed by a joke or cartoon we don't get. A case could be made, of course, for all humor to be hostile and aggressive underneath the yucks, which is why I avoid its use whenever I can, having evolved to a plane where I love all beings and do not cause harm in the world.