I suppose I should use this opportunity to muse on the Knights of Pythias and their happily-named founder, Justus H. Rathbone, but I've been distracted by an email I received a few minutes ago, which began as follows: "You tried everything to fight away the Erect1le Dy$function: the best porno $ites, the m0$t exotic movies, hot playboys, sex on the phone and even the most expensive prostitutes..." Which, if the internet were truly interactive, I would interrupt with cries of "No! Did not! Never! No! Absolutely not! Define 'expensive'!" If I were indeed concerned about the erectile dysfunction, I would stay far away from most of the items on that list, since they would be much more likely to induce, rather than fight away, this affliction. Especially the hot playboys. If there are such people still around, I would not dream of asking one of them to help me fight away the erectile dysfunction. I don't know any hot playboys personally; I suppose Dr. Research comes the closest among my acquaintances. But he can rest easy--I'm not going to call him up and ask him to come over and help me with something. It's mighty presumptuous of this writer to pretend to know what I've "tried". Or that I'm fighting anything away in that department. If I'm going to fight anything away, it's going to be hot playboys. And that's all I have to say about the Pythian Castle.