We're almost up to 250 entries in the marathon. That's kind of amazing, at least on the level I've been operating. On. And you know what I realized? The Marathon is just one day off from occupying the very same time period as the World Cup. And since you guys are from all over, you could call this the World Cup of Self Portraiting. Except it's about 10 brazilian times more interesting. I already told you in an earlier post everything you need to know about how the game is played, which is don't touch the ball with your hands and get it in the other guy's net. That's it. What you get to see, basically, is a bunch of guys trotting one way or the other, with one or two running like crazy the whole length of the field and then falling down, and the ref runs over and gives one them a card. Probably a discount at a local restaurant or something. This all may or may not involve the ball, mind you. I know, it's taking cheap shots. A five-year old can think of witty denigrations of a game this simple-minded. But I'm not above cheap shots. I'm not above anything, I guess, when it comes to humor. Or anything else, if you want to get technical about it.