At the suggestion of, I think, frizzyLogic, I've put up a slide show of self-p's on my Flickr account. That cute little box with the arrow in it at the end of this entry should take you there. Once there, you have to click on "View as Slide Show" at upper right. Once it launches, you can access a control bar by mousing over the upper edge of the slide, and you can access thumbnails of all slides by mousing over the bottom edge. The capture above, chosen entirely at random*, is a good example of how the marathon can work--you start seeing more deeply, and start wanting to reveal things, to yourself and others, that you might not even have known you were concealing. The results are often unflattering. But that's kind of the point. There's not an entrant here, regardless of their skill level, about whom we don't have a more full image than when we started. Good God, what a needlessly convoluted sentence! So keep drawing, or snapping, or pouring, or whatever it is you're doing. And it's never too late to start, either.

*Okay, so maybe it was less than random. That's my sister.