Too much work last night. But here's an image from an earlier session.

Did you ever have one of those showers with a tub, where when you get the temperature just right out of the spigot, and then turn the faucet that diverts the stream to the shower head, and before you can get out of the way, it sends a blast of cold water right onto your head? That happens to me so often that I've developed a reflexive jerk backwards, trying to get out of the way. Once I lost my balance and cracked the back of my head on the sink, and forgot who I was for a few minutes. fortunately, I didn't lose consciousness. One thing you worry about at my age and physical condition is losing consciousness. Because that means that a gang of big strangers will come stomping in and see you lying on the floor naked. These guys would, I'm sure, say things like, "Jesus, Phil, how many days has this guy been dead?" And "Oh shit, look over here in the corner! Is this one of those pump things you get all that spam email about?" So I try not to lose consciousness except at night in bed, but attending a meeting at the office really challenges that resolve.