self-p 1_003.jpg

Might as well purge myself of the unpleasant stuff right off the bat. The Self-Portrait Marathon has gotten off to a rousing start. Take a look at that list to the right: Natalie (Blaugustine) has posted her second! Cindy is breathing down her neck with--well, one. But I'm sure she's working on #2 as we speak. Janey clocks in with a witty depiction of herself. tjilpi, who makes me grateful this is not a podcast or I would have to take a stab at pronouncing that name, has posted a minimalist but very revealing rendering. Rain gives us a winsome portrait from the Pacific Northwest. Finally, Lucy reveals a glimpse behind the curtains at the repertory company that has been entertaining us at Vitriolica Webb's Ite.

Now, didn't I tell you this would be fun? Let's see some more.