Summertime in Norfolk. Also Spring, Fall, Winter. The innards of buildings coming out. Do these buildings hold anything besides boards, cardboard boxes and paper cups? Because that's all that seems to come out. I think more people should play maracas. Like when they're walking down the street. Everybody would walk with more of a spring in their step. Or those coconut shells that sound like horses' hooves. Or they should put a great big guy with kettle drums on a downtown corner, just beating them, one, two, one, two...and all the suit people would wonder if they're being made fun of somehow. And they'd arrive at their offices with just a touch less of hubris. Don't you hate those TV commercials that portray the business world as engaged in noble crusades, warriors courageously marching as to war? Give me a break. And they're all really expensive, too. And who do you think is paying for them?

--Sparky the Armchair Radical