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The best sessions, for me, are the ones where I don't have any idea whether I've done anything good when they're over. Cause that means I was so lost in doing that I didn't think about the result of what I was doing. And sometimes the results aren't very good. But it was still a good session. The object of sitting there and drawing for two hours isn't to create Product. It's to be aware for two hours. I think it would be a good exercise for us, just once, to leave everything behind when the session's over. Or give it all to the model. One of my favorite drawings is one I don't have. I was at Harborfest in 2004 for the fireworks display, and I drew a man with his little girl on his shoulders, and it came out beautiful. Totally effortless, and perfect. It was such a fine moment, I gave the drawing to the man. Keeping it felt like it would cheapen the experience.

Okay, enough of that horseshit. I'm as greedy and egotistical as the next guy. In fact, I am the next guy. There I go.