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Alyssa update: I got another email from her, and frankly, her increasingly pointed questions are making me a bit uncomfortable. This time, for example, she asks: "Have your partners ever told you they would like you to finish later?" Which, in my book, would be mildly insulting. I mean, if a "partner" said to you, "Can we finish this later? I have to get a load in the washer," wouldn't you feel a little crushed, especially if you had been putting out what you would describe as a stellar effort? Maybe not Johnny "Wadd" Holmes level, but pretty impressive nonetheless. Unless, of course you have misinterpreted the term "partner", and are trying to impress a business partner, or maybe a sidekick, and they, possibly taken aback, are trying to extricate themselves from your exertions by offering a face-saving excuse, like having to do the laundry. Not that that has ever happened to me, of course. I used to have a boss who kept inviting me to go camping with him, but that was far in the past. Anyway, to wrap things up, perhaps Alyssa was trying to help me deal with a social faux-pas, in which case I should be grateful to her. But why the solution would require buying pills escapes me.