Last year, Diane, our accounting person (those of you who go back a ways will remember her as the one who had "so much tunafish it isn't funny"), told me that every day she saw a guy at the bus stop who looked exactly like me. My curiosity having overruled my natural defense mechanisms, I went down to the bus stop the next morning, and saw that it was a homeless guy! He had one shoe wrapped in duct tape, and was carrying a grocery bag full of empty soda cans. And his fly was down. It took me months to recover from that one.

Now here comes Hashi, a self-p marathoner from California, who sent me the above newspaper photo (with a caption she added herself, ha ha). It gets better: the real guy in the photo is an actor in "Midsummer Night's Dream" playing the part of--you guessed it--Bottom. ...sigh... I know I play the clown all the time, but I was kind of hoping you all were seeing it ironically, like "He's so good-looking and he's playing a clown! How ironic!" But I see now it was type-casting. I can see the theater marquee now: SPARKY DONATELLO IS BOTTOM.