This is Norfolk's Art Crowd, and I didn't know a single one of them, except for the head honcho. Boy, am I traveling in the wrong circles, huh? Of course, the fact that my circles don't include other people may have something to do with it. But'd think I would have run into one or two of these people at some point. Don't they ever go to d'Egg? Starbucks? Are they avoiding me? Is there some kind of master plot orchestrated by men in sunglasses and suits speaking into walkie-talkies, stationed on street corners? "Here he comes, Art Crowd out now! Move, people! Go, go, go!" Guess I'm an anti-Occam's Razor kind of guy: the most preposterous explanation for something is usually the right one. It happens just often enough to keep me a believer.

By the way, one of these people is the artist. Anyone willing to take a guess which?