Medless system in full flower, but I'll try to be relatively coherent. It's a sultry Norfolk afternoon, and a Sunday to boot. I hate Sundays. The weekend has once again shown itself as not worth the fevered anticipation, and the distractions of the work week have not yet taken over. It's no man's land. Stems back to when I was a kid and there was nothing on TV except mind-numbing sports like golf or some public affairs show. Leftovers for supper. Put-off homework to catch up with. On a late Sunday afternoon I seem to be more acutely aware of the futile cycle of step-and-repeat, step-and-repeat (command-D in Quark Xpress) we plod through. Slap! Okay, happy face. Latin Playboys comin out the speakers, Silverqueen corn and homegrown tomatoes for supper, quitcher gripin. Good times!