Know why I'm posting so many today? To push down that damn zombie portrait. IT'S FREAKIN ME OUT, MAN! I need to force it to page two. The eyes, they follow me... Okay, change of subject. Let's not appear like a total basket case to the people. Here are some dreams I've had in the last few nights:

1. Everywhere I went, there were ostriches following me. Pecking me in the back of the head, nipping at my ears. Nobody else thought it was out of the ordinary.

2. I was put in charge of waging a war against several foreign countries. I was also flying the bomber that was supposed to drop nuclear bombs on said countries. I was relieved when the mission was called off.

3. I was sitting in an office. I was pretending to do "work". Every so often, some idiot would stick their head in and ask me a question. Oh, wait, that wasn't a dream.