I know, she's Lucy now, but this kind of image will always be a Vit image. A pic that skewers some simpering poseur (poseuress?) with a few brushy sweeps of the old Painter stylus, preferably with icky details such as rolls of fat, protruding buttocks, Portuguese dresses. The kind of person you find in droves at Starbucks--they're climbing all over each other to get in there and be ridiculed by a savage artist. By the way, all details are accurate, if you get my drift. Can't say I was responsible for that condition; it was no doubt the caffeine. Some might say that fairness requires me to record the male equivalent where it occurs, but it's not gonna happen. I did walk into a figure drawing session once last winter, and the model was at half-staff. It took a great deal of will power not to just turn around and walk back out, but that's what the Artist is all about. Making the big sacrifices for one's public.

Thanks to Cristen Hayes for reminding me how to create an accent grave.