Alyssa's been quiet for the past several days, but did get a note from "Goss" entitled "Thermogenesis". The body of the email, in its entirety:

Bush get ears and dutty get tongue.

No link or nothing. I'm assuming this is political in nature, what with "Bush" and "tongue" in this same sentence. But it certainly is inscrutable. Maybe it's a misdirected covert communication between CIA operatives, possibly concerning waterboarding. Maybe I should report to the CIA that I have received this. The risk is that they might decide that now I have to be terminated with extreme prejudice, or at the very least beaten to a pulp. Maybe they would put Uncle Joe* on the case. So I'm thinking I'll stay mum. Bush get ears and dutty get tongue. It's starting to sound kind of profound. Maybe I'll make it my guidepost in life. It has to be better than the one I have now, which is mostly about Snickers.

*Uncle Joe was a homeless man who confided to me that all he had to do was snap his fingers and I was a dead man. I don't believe he meant that his fingers had super powers; he probably meant that he had a lot of nasty but loyal friends.