Let me stipulate up front that Kira herself, the flesh-and-blood model, does not have a man-face. Far from it: she's a beautiful woman and an excellent model. It's not her, it's me. But anyway, I had saved "iterations" of the picture in Painter as I was working on it, and thought it might be fun to animate them. Well, I've been wrong before. On the Alyssa front, I haven't heard from her personally, but I did get an urgent email from my bank. Well, it was a bank. They needed me to send them a bunch of information like Social Security number, credit card numbers, pin numbers, etc., so they can verify something and not have to close my account and report me to the authorities. Then I came to the last sentence: "Complete the form below , with all your corect information wroted by you las time you changed / updated or maked your acount ." Now in my experience, bankers are not necessarily the Einsteins of the business world, but the last time I maked my acount, they appeared to be English-speaking adults, for the most part. My bank is evidently in a far-away country. Even the Americans who gather in the infields of NASCAR events wouldn't think of writing "wroted". So now I have to figure out how I could have opened an account in a third-world bank. It must have happened in the 70's. I used to make some crazy phone-call mistakes back then.