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Yes, I'm well aware that I got kind of Blechmanlike with the little guy in the wispy pelt. Consider it an hommage instead of a rip-off. I know I do. Blechman is one of my comic pen-and-ink heroes, along with Crumb, Sorel, Levine, Steinberg, Cober, Peck, Steadman, Herriman, Sempé, Justin Green, Panter, who did I leave out? Excuse me, whom did I leave out. This morning I cracked a tooth in half on a cherry pit. My teeth are turning to chalk. I never realized that's what would happen. Bummer. When are they going to invent replacement choppers? You know, like Black & Decker, take out all your teeth, replace them with a unit that contains nice metallic slicers and grinders, runs on a battery pack? Wonder how long it would take your tongue to look like a rat's tail? That would be fun on a date.